Cheese Festival gets a new face

The Vodacom George Cheese Festival has been running for more than ten years and the time has come for it to acquire a new face. The management committee of the 12-year-old community festival that served to raise funds for the Outeniqua Primary School, has announced that the proposal by Wild Info to present the festival in Wilderness has been successful and that an agreement has been reached between the governing body that had presented the festival during the past 12 years and Wild Info.

The 13th Cheese Festival, which will move to the Wilderness Hotel as the main festival grounds, not only boasts a new team of organisers, including OmniMarketing amongst others, but a new main sponsor and format as well. The 13th Cheese Festival will be presented in Wilderness on 11, 12 and 13 September 2015.

In terms of the agreement, ownership, rights, privileges and intellectual property are to be transferred to Wild Info and the new organisers. The festival will henceforth be known as The Wilderness Cheese Festival.

Planning is already vigorously underway to see the community festival grow from strength to strength, with the focus continuing to be on cheese, not only for local enterprises but for enterprises country-wide. And what pairs better with cheese than wine? A selection of local and national wine farms will constitute a large part of the festival, and with a festival programme chock-full with fun activities, entertainment will be provided for the entire family.

The annual gala evening will continue to be sponsored by Vodacom and presented by Outeniqua Primary School, and will not be a part of the festival in Wilderness.

The Cheese Festival is one of the biggest annual festivals of its kind in the country, and is not only important to the boosting of local industry, but is also a great tourist attraction that can benefit the entire Garden Route.

Ecstatic Jacques Pratt stated that their proposal has been thoroughly considered and that he anticipates the positive cooperation of the Wilderness community and business owners. Great excitement prevails among a large number of business owners and residents. The aim is to present the festival as a community festival and to ensure that the entire community is involved in this matter.

Enquires can be directed to or made telephonically at 084 446 3422.

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Alcohol not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Drink responsibly.